How to make working from home bearable!

While there are a lot of upside downs when working from home, it’s always a good opportunity to let our imagination flow free and start working on some creative projects that’ll make our space look better! 

Projects like these are a nice getaway from quiet coworkers, the meetings that turned into endless emails and casual Fridays. Am I right?

Now, check out my top 3 tricks to make your space look cuter and WFH way more enjoyable!

  1. Designate your space

First of all and a MAJOR rule: designate YOUR office space. It might be nice to cosy up on your couch or bed, but that will only make you want to sleep and your boss wouldn’t be very pleased. 

Even if you don’t have a whole room that you can use, you can find a corner in the living room, the guest room or even the kitchen. But, be careful! Choose wisely the quietest corner in order to be able to concentrate and be efficient.

  1. Decorate it!

Every office needs a few basic things to make it pretty. 

  • Frames will make a big difference. Choose your favourite illustration, photograph or quote and hang it on your wall. It will definitely make you happy to see every day and motivate you to hustle harder!
  • Even if you don’t have any frames make something by yourself! Being creative through these rough times will keep your mood up and yourself active. 
  • Add pinboards on the wall. You can pin whatever you want like notes, our kid’s drawing to put a smile on your face!

  1. Use those rugs 

Do you remember those rugs you bought many years ago, that you really liked but didn’t really know where to put them and have been in storage since forever? Well, it’s time to bring them back to life! 

Not only they will make the office look nice and cosy but rugs also serve a functional purpose. They make your space soundproof! Yeah! You got that right.  Rugs have the ability to absorb sounds which make them perfect for your office!

  1. Storage solutions 

Storage is extremely important in your home office. You need to keep yourself tidy and organised even if you don’t have tons of papers and files. 

Notebooks, pens, books etc need shelves and organisational accessories. Don’t forget that!

Oh and add some plants! Plants are nice and add a pop of colour!

Get creative people!